Response Blog #1: Tara’s “One Life to Live”

I really enjoyed Tara’s blog entry about online and social gaming, not because I have multiple brothers (and I couldn’t imagine growing up with that many — one was plenty for me!), but because I can definitely relate to not really having a gaming background at all. It was refreshing to see someone write about something similar, because I often feel like I am in the large minority when it comes to that. And even though I am sure I still am, it’s great to hear about someone else’s “lack of experience” in that area. After all, as the Cluetrain Manifesto states, people like conversations about markets to which they can relate, especially is they are made in human sounding voices — which is another reason Tara’s post was so great.

While I found it hilariously goofy to be scared of video games and the characters in them, the way in which Tara wrote about this situation was not only very humanizing, but written in a voice that other humans could relate to, even if we couldn’t relate to the same exact situation — we could still relate to something very similar (in my case, the sheer lack of understanding as to why video games/online gaming was/is so fun and great).

I also just really enjoyed the tone of Tara’s writing, because you can tell she has a great sense of humor, but is also very thoughtful in what she discusses in the post, including what she shared about her brothers and their gaming habits (not that much different than most boys, I’m sure!) 

Anyway, for example, her description of her brothers always trying to “kill her” throughout the various games they tried to make her play with them was hilarious, and I also love the funny (but very true) point she made at the end about seriously only having one life to live, and the time and money spent on gaming isn’t worth it. I also love the point Tara made about already feeling like she is living a second life through her presence on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. I had not thought about that at all, but it so true!

Well done, Tara. Anytime you want to get together to NOT play video or online games, I will happily join you! 😉

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About Jessie Gillman

This blog was created for my social media class as part of my graduate program in PR and communications at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. In addition to being a grad student, I am a PR/comm professional at Environics Communications where I focus on clean energy/environmental issues, education and women's health. I am also a huge book lover, an avid traveler, a big Philly sports fanatic, and I love Yoga.
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One Response to Response Blog #1: Tara’s “One Life to Live”

  1. Tara says:

    Oh, Jessie! I feel so flattered, seriously, to have you think my rambling is worth something just made my night. So much love!

    And yes, let us socialize in a setting devoid of any gaming.

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